Do you wish there was someone to listen, encourage and inspire as you write your novel?

Why do I need a mentor?

Writing a novel can be a lonely and confusing business. There’s so much advice out there but how do you know what’ll work for you? There are so many people shouting about their own writing process that it can be hard to find your own way of working. After that initial flush of enthusiasm, it can be difficult to keep turning up and putting those words on the page. And confidence can dip at which point it’s easy to find yourself wondering if anyone will want to read those words anyway.

If you’re feeling any or all of these things then first know that this is absolutely normal. All writers struggle with motivation, confidence and self-belief. I know this because I’m an author myself and because I’ve worked with and taught a lot of early-stage writers and witnessed the ups and downs of the process.

How mentoring works

If I’ve not worked with you before, we’ll have an initial session to discuss your plans for your book and brainstorm a few ideas to get you started. We’ll also figure out what kind of writer you are and find an approach that works for you.

Ahead of each subsequent session, I’ll prepare by reading up to 3,000 words of your work ready for discussion and I’ll provide you with feedback during the session. The writers I work with find they benefit from the opportunity to discuss issues they’re experiencing and that having a mentor helps to keep them on track with their writing goals. It’s my job to not only provide feedback on your work but also to:

  • encourage,
  • keep you motivated; and
  • help you refind your confidence if it gets a bit lost during the writing process (and trust me, that happens to every writer I know at some point).

Mentoring very much works on your timetable and to your needs. I don’t expect you to sign up to a set number of sessions in advance and I understand that life can get in the way of the best-laid plans. I always aim to put your needs first to make sure you’re supported in every step of your writing journey.

How much does it cost?

Mentoring costs £40 for the initial session and £60 for each subsequent session. Each session is of no more than 60 minutes. Sessions are held on Zoom, on the telephone or face to face if you live locally (I’m based in East Yorkshire).

Image credit: Riccardo Annandal on Unsplash.